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Helping You Age at Home with Confidence -
Nancy Smith, Aging in Place Technology Consultant

Welcome to BC Tech for Seniors!  We're dedicated to assisting both family caregivers and independent seniors who are aging in place. Our blog is a valuable resource for those who are familiar with technology but want to explore more options to support their caregiving journey or enhance their own independence.


What is Aging-in-Place Technology?

Aging-in-place technology supports seniors' independence at home. From smart home devices to telehealth platforms, we've got it covered.


Why Read Our Blog?

Discover New Tools:

Uncover the latest smart home devices, telehealth services, and other senior care technologies that can ease your worries and help seniors live more independently.

Save Time & Effort:

We do the research and provide concise, relevant information on aging-in-place solutions.


Personalized Advice:

Our insights are tailored to family caregivers and seniors, helping you make informed decisions on senior care technology.


Join a community of like-minded individuals navigating the aging-in-place journey.

Why It Matters

With the senior population set to double by 2050, aging-in-place technology is crucial for meeting long-term care demands. Join us at BC Tech for Seniors to discover how technology can enhance your caregiving experience or support your independent lifestyle!

Explore our blog and stay updated on the best aging-in-place technology to support your caregiving journey or enhance your independent living.

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